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Biofield Analysis

In Oriental Medicine, the total pattern or syndrome of function of the patient is the primary diagnosis. In Western Medicine, we get lost in the land of specialization, where, as my wise father liked to say, "We know more and more about less and less, until we know absolutely everything about nothing at all." In TCM, this confusing hyper-detailed material world is referred to as the 10,000 things...

We frequently achieve 'impossible' results because we focus on supporting the functional processes involved in healing rather than on the dysfunctions of what we label a disease. We rely on the innate intelligence that guides the body's healing responses to show us the way...

Healing is an Intelligent Collaboration of Body & Soul

We developed our remote Biofield Analysis™ through nearly 40 years of German Diagnostic Electroacupuncture practice using both Dr. Rheinhold Voll's original EAV method as well as Dr. Hemut Schimmel's Vegatest Method.

Biofield Analysis is the second method we can add without any technical burdens at your end.

We are implementing another European system, CoRe Inergetix, created by Kiran Schmidt, to make sure we can continue to serve you as our client base continues to grow.

Discover the perfect set of botanical/nutritional and energetic/informational Remedy Matches for you right now through a remote Biofield Analysis.

Once your current stress patterns are identified, the optimal Functional Formulations™ that are essential to restore a state of Biofield Coherence™ and Accelerated Self Healing™ are identified.

Your report will identify the source of stress on each causal layer, as well as the remedy or combination of remedies that restore coherence on that layer, so you will be progressing in your self-healing processes at maximum speed.

How Does Remote Biofield Testing Work?

Electromagnetic energy fields decrease with distance from the source, but Scalar information fields are unaffected by distance. 

Biofield Coherence Fosters Healing and the Development of Consciousness

In a state of Coherence, all body parts and systems are working together harmoniously and efficiently. Healing typically happens 12 times faster than aging and degeneration.

Accelerate Your Self Healing

The purpose of Accelerated Self Healing is to reverse aging and degenerative changes in the body faster than they accumulate... 

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

What People Like You Are Saying

"I'm really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue... A low tension glaucoma patient seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also seeing assistance with lens clarity improving nicely and overall just general health improvement. And so, it's been a great, great addition to my practice in having Dr. Glen and Rae being consultants and help patients... "

– Dr. Todd Wylie, Washington

"It's approximately 6 months that I've been on the treatment, and it's just unbelievable, unbelievable, remarkable accelerated healing. And it's an amazing feeling to experience your body doing its own healing. And to experience a level of life energy in your body. It's very, very powerful. I feel very, very blessed and grateful to have stumbled upon this."

– Greg Sutera, New Jersey

"What I love about working with Glen is that he's not just looking at one thing or trying to fix one thing, but he's looking at your whole body... And he's looking at your physical body, but also your emotional body and your spiritual body and trying to heal the whole thing. I would recommend the work that Glen does to anyone. I've had so much healing from the help they've given me..."

– Joy Dettling,

Life Coach in North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will it Take to Achieve My Goals?

Of course, each of us has a unique set of challenges, but on average, it is a good starting point to estimate one month of Accelerated Self Healing to reverse each year that you have been accumulating toxins and damage to the body.

How Will I Know When I am Getting Better?

Symptoms alone do not always clearly show what direction your health is going. Sometimes symptoms increase initially when initiating a new healing program, even if it is just a change in diet or exercise... Symptoms can also decrease temporarily with suppressive treatments which also decrease overall health. For example, aspirin can decrease a headache temporarily, but increases risk of future headaches, because it interferes with completion of the detoxification processes the body is trying to fulfill.

Can I Stop Taking Other Medications?

Adjusting medications from your health care providers is a matter you must handle with them. Our goal for you is to see your health improve to where you no longer need pharmaceuticals whenever possible.

What Is it Possible to Heal?

The only way to know the limits of self healing is to seek them out. It can never be proven that any condition cannot be healed. We have seen many conditions respond to Accelerated Self Healing that textbooks consider irreversible. We also know that with spirit, even miracles can occur...

How Does Stress Affect Healing?

Stress is an underlying cause of most illness. Half of the toxins in human tissues are the metabolites of the hormones and neurotransmitters of our own stress responses. Reframing the meaning of stressful situations both at a conscious level and at a cellular level, e.g. with EVOX voice frequency biofeedback through the meridians is often a very important part of restoring wellness.

What Kinds of Challenges Can I Overcome?

We face many challenges to our ability to cleanse and repair our bodies day after day, year after year.  Trauma is a factor that leaves scar tissue which reduces the flow of circulation, energy and information through the affected tissues... For example, tumors form where there was once trauma, leaving the tissue vulnerable to accumulation of toxins with decrease nutrient availability. Toxins and other stresses, like EMF that has become so ubiquitous increase demand on specific counteracting nutrients. At the same time, nutrients in our soils have become heavily depleted. We have become nature deficient in many ways, and perhaps the greatest challenge to self healing is the need to listen and understand the body's inner communication as it tries to find the solutions it needs in the way of materials, quantum energies and epigenetic information to speed completion of the intelligently guided priorities for self healing.

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